Caribbean Medical School Advice & Guidance

Caribbean Medicine brings you the most important and up-to-date information when searching for the right Caribbean medical school.

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  • Education Recognized Internationally

    Have the freedom to choose from various medical schools patterned to global standards! Study and work with people with nationalities different from your own!

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  • What is the USMLE?

    Find out the steps you need to take and the concepts you need to learn to ace the USMLE.

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  • Caribbean Medical School Admission

    Improve your chances of getting in to the Caribbean medical school of your choice.

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  • Caribbean Medical School Residency Program

    Caribbean medical school graduates have a far greater advantage when competing with other IMGs for US residency.

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  • Caribbean Medical School Tuition

    Compare the tuition at different Caribbean medical schools.

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  • Paying for Medical School

    Learn about financial aid options for financing your Caribbean medical school education.

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  • Be Prepared. Get the Right Advice.

    Find out the truth and risks involved with Caribbean medical schools, and the realities.

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  • J-1 Visa Waiver Info

    Get indispensable information on how to obtain a J-1 visa waiver.

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  • Need More Info?

    We provide you with a list of essential websites for your research.

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Exposure to an International Atmosphere

Caribbean Medicine aims to inform international students about various medical programs formulated based on international educational standards.

Say Hello to Your Future!

Distinctive Features of Caribbean Medical Schools
• They have a strong international dimension
• They offer a unique global health experience you won’t find in the US and Canada
• They draw content from different cultures around the world
• They offer a special emphasis to learning languages

Carribean School of Medicine

We have the most up-to-date information on every English language medical school in the Caribbean.

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